Eikefjord Skulemusikk

Ole Edvard Brende


Could you benefit from a hobby where you would get many good friends? Maybe somewhere you get to hang out with music? A hobby that can bring life through and give you joy and personal growth? Corps is instructive and you get a short way to becoming good at discipline, many musicians have started from the corps. Bet you can reach far. Just want to enjoy yourself and enjoy the music? We fit for everyone :-)

As our conductor, Ole Edvard goes far back in time and he is our most important support game. We are very naked. Ole Edvard takes on the task as a good educator, a steady and child-good guy who always strives for a living and healthy corps environment for all children. He is fond of humor, is gentle and comrade, but also strict when it comes to mind. From his own time as a performing musician, he has a garden, brass band, cultural school employee, band music, with both cornet and percussion. After returning to town, you have seen and heard his games in revues, concerts with Eirik Molnes Husabø, a substitute for others, and he plays drums together with veins by hooves.